1.           Give yourself enough time to study.

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You should give yourself enough time to study. Plan your days and don’t wait till the last minute. Identify how many days you have on hand and & what is the syllabus to study, and then organize your study accordingly.

2.          Organize your study space.

Study table

Keep your study place clean and neatly arranged. Organize your study materials, books, subject materials. Mark them clearly and store them for easy access. This reduces you’re the time you waste & gives more effective study experience.

3.          Use flow charts and diagrams.

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Flow charts help us to remember things for a longer period of time. Easy to keep it on top of your mind. Make your own flow charts where ever possible in the subject and try to understand the concept in the form of a flow chart. This will increase your capacity of remembering.

4.          Practice on old exams.

Practicing old exam papers give you a clear idea how the practical exam pattern is  & work on time management in exam.

5.          Explain to others.

Explain to friends. Inspiroar Academy for ACCA Hyderabad

When you explain the concept or subject to your friends it will help your remember for a longer period of time. This gives you better understanding of the subject 7 it’s a kind of revision as well.

6.          Organize study groups with friends.

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Choose 3 to 6 people to be in a group. Do not just pick your friends from class. You need to choose students who are serious about doing things as you are. Find students who make good notes, participate in class & grasp the materials given. You can set some guidelines & plan regular meetings with your study team discussing the subject.

7.          Take regular breaks.

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Taking regular breaks while studying will help you increase focus, keeps you active & reduces stress.

8.          Snack on brain food.

Eat healthy. Inspiroar Academy for ACCA Hyderabad

Feed yourself with foods that help increase your brain health. These foods will increase your memory. https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/02/brain-food-snacks.html

9.          Plan your exam day.

Planning a day. Inspiroar academy for ACCA

Streamline your priorities, analyze areas where you are a week, start thinking creatively, prepare your equipment, be ready physically & mentally.

10.        Drink plenty of water

Benefits of drinking water. Inspiroar academy

Drinking water may help improve mental performance of a student. As our brain is made of 73% water, drinking plenty of water helps you think more, focus, concentrate on things and stay alert always.

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